True Character

True Character

Thanks for the opportunity for us to gain more insight about the candidates.

Duncan Hunter was the clear choice for me once I did my homework, as I was very disillusioned about the front runners. He is the only consistent conservative we have; the most qualified; the most experience; and the most accomplished in regard to upholding conservative values. There's no doubt in my mind that he is the only candidate who can stand up to Hillary. He is unshakable and just "gets it done" despite his critics. And the best part, he is so humble and such a honorable man. His sons are prime examples of his leadership abilities. Look at a man's family and home life and you'll see his character, his true character.

My father always told me to compare track records not promises. In fact, forget what a candidate is saying on the campaign trail. Pull up his track record and that's how you vote. We have supporters across the nation who are starting to compare track records instead of letting the media feed them a spun version of information. What voting Americans don't realize is that WE THE PEOPLE have the real power. The media only has the power of suggestion UNLESS we forfeit our most precious right to them.

IF all conservatives entered the voting booth and voted for the best conservative candidate, would it matter who the media has favored? Would it matter who the RNC has favored? No. Because WE THE PEOPLE are the last word. I'm appalled at the national epidemic of media Group Think that voters have fallen victim to. Wake up America. This is the most important election in the history of the United States.

Last month, I took the challenge of serving as the Regional Director for the Southern States for Duncan Hunter. We still have millions of undecided conservatives. Duncan Hunter is making great strides in certain areas of the country but hasn't been here in the south. So I'm praying the South will Rise Again!

We recently formed a Prayer & Fasting Team across the 11 southern states. We are giving it our all. We are fasting and praying around the clock, 24/7. And we are picking up new team members daily. God's timing is always perfect. And we pray that He examines the heart of each candidate and will intervene in this election to appoint a candidate who is willing to carry out His will to bring this country back to a land of "trusting in God" once again.

Carolyn Polish