Christian Voter Guide

Christian Voter Guide 2022 & 2024

Christian Voter Guide - Joe Biden Christian Voter Guide - Kamala Harris Christian Voter Guide - Donald Trump Religion Christian Voter Guide - Mike Pence Religion is a Christian voter guide that presents Biblical solutions to today's political priorities, including the COVID-19 pandemic, illegal immigration, national debt, abortion, homosexuality, military defeats, and presidential corruption.

This Christian voter guide also prepares Christian voters for the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections with candid analyses of the incumbents and top contenders, as well as Christian testimonies in response to pointed questions from those who claim to be Christian and have the authenticity to testify about Christ.

America faces unprecedented challenges, including the crisis on our open southern border, the out-of-control money-printing, inflation and national debt, the impending completion of Iran's nuclear-arming program, and the corporate capture of our government that is preventing the eradication of COVID-19 in 2 months.

How can President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris be restrained after the 2022 midterm election (see for the 2022 midterm election Christian voter guide)? And should former President Donald Trump or former Vice President Mike Pence return to the White House 2024, or is there another contender who has the plan, credibility, experience, and humility before God to better serve as our next president?

Here are the Contenders, latest News, our Answers and Questions, and your Opinions.