Kamala Harris Hindu or Christian?

Kamala Harris - Hindu or Christian?

Is Kamal Harris Hindu or Christian?(Continued from Kamala Harris Beliefs)

Is Vice President Kamala Harris a Hindu or a Christian?

If your parents named you "Satan," "Lucifer," "Baal," "Beelzebub" or by the name of some other demon, would you keep that name or change it after becoming a Christian? And if your middle name is "God" or "Goddess," would you keep that middle name or change it after becoming a Christian?

For a true Christian, it is unthinkable to be named "God" or to bear the name of a demon, so both the first and the middle names will be changed. Kamala Devis Harris chose to continue to be called a "Goddess" and to be called by the name of a demon.

But doesn't Kamala Harris call herself a "Black Baptist"?

Calling herself a demon worshiper isn't conducive to winning political races in America, at least not yet, and Barack Obama taught us that claiming to be a Christian does not make a person - especially one with lofty political ambitions - Christian.

Furthermore, the beliefs of Kamala Harris are not "Baptist," and the color of her skin isn't "Black," hence the incessant effort to brand her as a black woman to appeal to the politically strategic black voters.

Has Kamala Harris' Hinduism ever been displayed?

Kamala Harris married Douglas Emhoff in 2014. At their wedding ceremony, they broke a glass to honor his religion of Judaism. To honor her religion, the groom wore around his neck a Hindu garland.

And on the first of nine days of Hindu demon worshiping called Navaratri after Kamala Harris became Joe Biden's running mate, her niece Meena Harris, who is a lawyer, tweeted this image of her aunt Kamala Harris as the Hindu demon Durga riding on Joe Biden:

Kamala Harris Hindu goddess

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