Lord, Liar or Lunatic?

Lord, Liar or Lunatic?

"I think Jesus was a clever politician."

Lord Liar LunaticC.S. Lewis's 'Lord, Liar, Lunatic' logic tree precludes Jesus having been a prophet, a sage, or even a clever politician, and proves that Jesus could have been only the Lord, or a liar, or a lunatic. Here is the logic tree:

Lord Liar LunaticUnlike the founders of other religions, some of whom claimed to be prophets, Jesus claimed to be God who created the universe (see John 1 and Colossians 1). Jesus' claim can only be true or false, so follow the arrows in the diagram to their theoretical possibilities:

If Jesus' claim is true, then Jesus is God - i.e., "Lord."
If Jesus' claim is false and He knew it was false, then He is a "Liar."
If Jesus' claim is false but He sincerely thought it was true, then He is a "Lunatic."

There is no possibility other than Lord, Liar or Lunatic, is there? In particular, Jesus could not have been just a prophet or a wise sage because sages and prophets don't claim to be the Creator of the universe.

So, please do your own research* and at the end of it either condemn the claimant for being an outrageous Liar, pity him for being a crazed Lunatic, or worship Him as the Lord Creator of the universe. The one thing you cannot do is dismiss Jesus as just a sage or a prophet. The unprecedented uniqueness of His claim precludes that possibility.

* The research may include The Case for Christ, a book, or The Case For A Creator, a video, both by a journalist who presents the logical and scientific evidences for Jesus' deity, including the Proof of Jesus' Resurrection. Better yet, read the Bible for yourself. If the entire Bible seems daunting, just read the Gospel of John.