National Guard At The Border

National Guard At The Border

04/06/21- calls for guards at the southern border.

Americans should do more to help the poor, as Jesus commanded, including in Latin America. American churches especially should stop wasting God's money on building buildings, which Jesus never commanded, and use it to help the poor.

Americans can also invite the poor into our country, but the choice must be ours. When a homeowner invites a homeless man into his house and provides for him, it is charity. If the homeless man enters uninvited and takes as he want, it is burglary.

Since a country that continues to let in millions of uninvited people stops being one, calls for our southern border to be defended by the National Guard, law enforcement or other officials sworn to defend our Constitution.

A border that is respected can be left unmanned. One that is violated by a few needs to be patrolled. One that is being crossed by millions requires a wall, so the southern wall needs to be completed.

All who are in our country illegally should be given the option to leave and wait their turn to re-enter legally, or to be deported and lose their turn forever. Those who turned Dreamers into illegal immigrants are their parents, who bear the responsibility to return them to where they are legal.

Politicians trying to flood the swing states with illegal immigrants are subverting our country from within. They should be arrested and tried for treason.