My Country Used To Be

My Country Used To Be

Hello. I am a Christian, a true conservative, and a lover of what my country used to be and stand for. For the past 35 years I've been pained to witness the gains of the far left in my country, and in my party, the GOP. The major part of that pain was in watching the architect of my country, Almighty God, expunged from the schools, and from public life.

I have been a volunteer for the Duncan Hunter campaign since I researched his background and his record in Congress. Duncan Hunter is true to his principles, and does not pander to any group. He walks humbly with his God, and is fearless in projecting his dedication to his country at every turn.

Duncan Hunter is, above all other candidates of either party, the man best groomed by his experience; the only candidate qualified to lead America out of the many problems which trouble her today. I pray that God will clear the path to the White House for him, and for all Americans.

Thank you.

Marvyle Walker
Vancouver, Washington