Conservative Vote

Conservative Vote

What exactly is the conservative vote? Who make up the conservative vote and how critical is it to winning elections?

While the conservative vote includes the Christian Vote, equating the two is erroneous since the conservative vote encompasses all 'Values Voters' who vote in favor of the values and positions that our society considers "conservative" in economic, fiscal, foreign affairs, military, social, environmental and other policies.

The conservative vote historically has played decisive roles in presidential elections. It tipped the 2016 race in favor of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The conservative vote also won the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections for George W. Bush and won the 1988 election for George Herbert Walker Bush. And of course Ronald Reagan won the 1980 and 1984 races for the White House due in large part to the conservative vote.

But the conservative vote has also won presidential elections for the Democrats, swinging behind Jimmy Carter and leading to his victory in the 1976 presidential election after the improprieties of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal (see Justice of God).

How is the conservative vote evolving in the upcoming election? Will it remain united or erode at the fringes or even splinter? These and related questions are addressed and discussed as we qualify all presidential candidates.