Prominent Christian Leaders

Prominent Christian Leaders

"If Mormonism is so bad, why do prominent Christian leaders support Romney?"

Prominent Christian LeadersMary and Peter are Biblical figures but Roman Catholicism turned them into idols by exalting them next to Jesus.

Fighting against abortion and homosexual marriage are Biblical (see Bible Verses About Abortion and Bible Verses About Homosexuality), but by prioritizing them more than Jesus' honor, those prominent Christian leaders have turned those issues into their idols.

For example, just after Mitt Romney's December 6, 2007 speech about his Mormonism (see Mitt Romney Religion), two prominent Christian leaders declared on radio that while Mormonism is "Satanic," (see “Mormon Cult”), they still may support him for his recently crafted anti-abortion and anti-homosexual marriage positions.

Their opposition to abortion is understandable. Annually, abortions in America top 1,300,000, compared to 14,000 reported homicides; almost 99% of America's murders take place inside the womb (see Abortion is Murder) to the most vulnerable victims who cannot even cry out, let alone defend themselves (see Abortion Holocaust).

But ending this horrific atrocity still cannot be prioritized above Jesus' honor and glory, for which all creation exists. How would those leaders respond if Satan offered to overturn Roe vs. Wade and constitutionally ban homosexual marriage? If Satan offered, "All this I will give you," [Satan] said, "if you will bow down and worship me," (Matthew 4:9) will they bow to him?

Christians who support Mitt Romney’s candidacy without knowing the details of the Mormon cult can claim ignorance as excuse. Christian "leaders" who call for a Mormon President while calling his beliefs “Satanic” are without that excuse.