True Conservative

True Conservative

I wanted to express my thanks for your 'A' rating of Duncan Hunter. It is well deserved and it so nice to see him get the recognition he deserves, specifically on the subject of God and Christianity.

Being from California I am fortunate enough to know who Duncan Hunter is and where he stands on various issues. Not only is he a proud Christian but his stances and views on Government are excellent. He is a true conservative in every meaning of the word. I support him because I see him as the only true conservative in the race. The other candidates are conservative on this issue or that issue, but Duncan Hunter has true conservative values on EVERY issue.

I want to see the days of Reagan repeated and that can be accomplished with Duncan Hunter in the White House. He can be a leader in the conservative movement and that is what us conservatives have been missing these last years. On everything from abortion and homosexuality to spending, taxes and the war on terror he is as solid as you can be.

Another thing that makes him stand out from the others is that we don't need to "take his word for it" or trust he will do as he promises on any specific issue like we do with the other candidates. He has a twenty plus years of voting record that will back up his words and promises.

The other candidates have flip-flopped on certain social issues. They had certain beliefs and governed certain ways when they held their previous office positions. Now that they are running for the Republican nomination they have tried to convince us that they are true Conservatives/Republicans by changing their platforms and views on a variety of issues.

With Duncan Hunter the message has been consistent since day one, so we can trust that his last eight years in public office as President will be the same as the previous twenty.

Again, thanks a million for your report. It made my week, month, year!!!

Jay Helms