Evangelical Voters

Evangelical Voters

Evangelical voters, who comprise the core of America's values voters, have been and continue to be pivotal to winning presidential elections. Donald Trump picked Mike Pence as his running mate to draw the evangelical vote and won in 2016. George W. Bush won in 2000 and 2004 by keeping the evangelical vote united, while Barack Obama and Bill Clinton won in 2008 & 2012 and 1992 & 1996, respectively, by splitting and siphoning away some of the evangelical vote.

What makes the evangelical voters so sought after by the presidential candidates is that besides influencing the rest of the conservative voters, the evangelical voters can be counted on to show up at the polls, rain or snow. Ted Cruz's upset win over Donald Trump in the 2016 Iowa caucus is attributed in part to the high turnout of Cruz's evangelical supporters in poor weather.

How many evangelical voters are there?

While 35% of American voters identify themselves as evangelical, the number of truly evangelical voters - those who believe the Gospel* of the Bible, including Jesus' deity (see Lord, Liar or Lunatic), justice (see Justice of God) and resurrection (see Jesus Resurrection Proof) - comprise only about 7% of American voters.

* "Evangelical" comes from Evangile, a French Huguenot word that means "Gospel" and which dates back to the early years of the Reformation.

Around which issues are the evangelical voters coalescing in 2020?

Will abortion (see Abortion is Murder) and homosexual marriage retake center-stage, or will the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v Hodges (see Ages of Supreme Court Justices) be considered water under the bridge and homosexual marriage be relegated to a second-tier issue (see Bible verses about Homosexuality)?

And how much focus will there on the threat from North Korea and Islam, both at home and abroad (see Islam: what the West needs to know), our national debt, economy, healthcare and immigration (see America in Decline)?

This Christian Voter Guide addresses these and other key issues through Christian testimonies and analyses of the Presidential Candidates, your Opinions, our Answers and Questions, and major News.