Is Bush Responsible?

Is Bush Responsible?

"If we lose, [George W.] Bush will be responsible..."

Bush ResponsibleGeorge W. Bush would be responsible to an extent. Had President Bush better managed the economy, Katrina, the war in Afghanistan, and not invaded Iraq under a false pretense, the voters today would be more favorably disposed to a Republican presidential candidate.

John McCain of course would be responsible as well, including for his erratic campaigning and lackluster debates against Barack Obama. And Sarah Palin would be responsible also for faltering repeatedly after her stellar initial speech at the Republican National Convention.

But the bulk of the responsibility for the setback of Christian causes rests with us Christians, including those in government, pastorate and in the pews.

Starting with Christians in government, the nomination of John McCain, who equates religiosity with Christianity and Sarah Palin, an inexperienced female candidate, highlights the lack of male Christian leaders in government.

Earlier this year, we invited all self-declared incumbent Christian Governors, Senators and Representatives up for re-election to share their Christian testimonies. Only two replied: Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi thanked us for the invitation, asked for more time, and hasn't been heard from since, while Congressman Jeb Hensarling of Texas declined, citing support for “religious liberties.” Every self-declared Christian in government up for re-election prioritized not alienating non-Christian voters over standing up for and entrusting their re-election to Christ.

Many prominent Christians in the pastorate showed even less courage, let alone spiritual discernment. Some advocated voting for someone they identified as "Satanic" (see Prominent Christian Leaders). Others, when recently confronted with a letter from 138 of the world’s leading Muslim clerics, issued a blasphemous apology that bowed to the Muslims and sought their forgiveness, although some later recanted after our response to the Muslims (see Christian God vs Allah) was issued.

Christians in the pews haven’t fared any better. Some prospective Christian Governors, Senators and Congressmen did share their and in many cases inspiring testimonies as invited, but most received insufficient support from their Christian constituents and either lost in the primaries or are likely to lose in the general election. And the lone major party Presidential candidate who shared his Christian testimony was all but ignored, including by Christians.

What needs to happen in the next election?

We need Christian candidates who prioritize Christ over polls, who will courageously stand up for Christ and trust the outcome of their election campaigns entirely to Him. We also need to be wary of the candidacies of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. The former is a Presiding High Priest in the Satanic Mormon cult, to which the latter has already bowed for political expediency (see Mike Huckabee question).

As for the pastorate, it needs to be cleansed of those who rely on eloquence, smiles and educational titles, and replenished with men who truly adhere to and preach the Bible.

And all Christians, including those in the pews, must repent and turn back to God and His Word. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah not because of its evil citizens, but because of its lack of Godly citizens. Every Christian must renew and take ownership of their relationship with Christ. This sermon and this Bible Study should help.