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Mike HuckabeeMike Huckabee ran for the presidency in 2016 and 2008.

In November 2007, GodVoter.org invited Mike Huckabee to share his Christian testimony by answering these questions. On November 27, 2007, Mike Huckabee's Director of Policy replied:

"I am Governor Huckabee's Director of Policy, and I have never seen your questionnaire until tonight. Please advise how you have contacted our campaign before, specifically who and when, inviting us to respond to your questionnaire."

Janis Cherry
Director of Policy
Huckabee for President

Despite the ensuing communication, Mike Huckabee, an ordained preacher, did not share his testimony as a Christian. Instead, he repeated our question #15 about Mormonism to a New York Times Magazine reporter a few days later, setting off a media firestorm.

As is evident from the debates and the interviews, Mike Huckabee is witty and quick on his feet. He appeals to values voters, including the evangelical vote-led conservative vote, and has ran Arkansas for 13 years, including 10 years as Governor (see Mike Huckabee resume).

Mike Huckabee's tax record is not an issue with us. Neither is the premature parole of Wayne Dumont. Despite the gravity of the consequences, it was an error, which we all make, and one that he is unlikely to repeat.

Our ratings reflect two weaknesses in Mike Huckabee's candidacy: his lack of foreign policy experience and the emerging discrepancy between the bar he has set for himself as a Christian candidate and his actions to reach it.

In his first television ad, Governor Huckabee declared, "Faith doesn't just influence me. It really defines me. I don't have to wake up every day wondering what do I need to believe. Let us never sacrifice our principles for anybody's politics. Not now, not ever."

As an ordained pastor for twelve years, Mike Huckabee has God-given knowledge, which comes with responsibility. Is this former pastor ducking reporters' requests for opinion on Mormonism and our requests for his Christian testimony because he doesn't have a testimony and doesn't know about the blasphemies of the Mormon cult, or because he wants to broaden his appeal beyond the Christian vote? If the latter, isn't he sacrificing his principles for politics?

Mike Huckabee also has said, "I'm not just saying something that a focus group gave me or a room full of consultants handed me in the form of a script and said, 'Hey, if you want to be president, go out and say this stuff.'"

As his campaign gains momentum, money and "professionals" pour in, we fear this is precisely what is happening to his candidacy. Instead of putting God first and trusting in His sovereignty over even election results, we fear Mike Huckabee will increasingly turn to consultants and focus groups for what to say... as well as what not to say.

Mike Huckabee's candidacy rating has been lowered to a C+. Click here for the reason.