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Mitt Romney MormonHad Mitt Romney simply been a member of the Mormon cult, it would raise these concerns. But Mitt Romney isn't simply a Mormon. Mitt Romney is a Mormon High Priest (see Mitt Romney religion) who has taught that Jesus and Satan are brothers.

While we still welcome Mitt Romney's testimony about his beliefs as he has been invited to share since 2007, his lack of response is hardly a surprise since question 15 is one that Mormons are loathe to answer.

A belief system that teaches Jesus - the perfectly Holy Creator - to be the brother of Satan - the perfectly evil creature - is an abomination that blasphemes Jesus. And the fallacy that a creature can become the Creator (see Charles Darwin facts) is precisely what turned Lucifer, an angel, into Satan and is therefore Satanic.

Mitt Romney became rich by buying companies, bloating them with debt and/or exporting their jobs overseas to boost profits, selling them off, often piece by piece, and then parking his profits in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, the records of which remain largely undisclosed.

He did help grow a few companies, including Stericycle, which serves abortion clinics by disposing of the babies they murder (see Abortion is murder). Despite Mitt Romney's business background, our economic crisis will only accelerate under his presidency (see America in decline).

But his penchant for saying whatever his audience wants to hear dates back earlier to his days as a corporate consultant, when he learned to tell his clients what they want to hear in order to win and retain their business (click here for the details).

As a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has flip-flopped his views 180 degrees (evidence) in an effort to tailor his image to appeal to conservative voters. But convictions on principles and values cannot be peddled and his liberal record betrays his conservative pretense, which is wearing thin, including on homosexual marriage, and which is now being brushed under the conservative facade of Paul Ryan.

Even if Mitt Romney spoke from true convictions, Christians cannot vote for someone who not only belongs to but leads as Presiding High Priest a Christ-blaspheming cult (here is why) that tries to pass itself off as Christian while teaching Satanic lies about Jesus (evidence).

Our rating of the Romney presidential candidacy remains an F for 2012 (please click here for an important update).