Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq And AfghanistanWe had the war in Afghanistan all but won, had the chance and the resources to finish off bin Laden, Al Qaida and the Taliban quickly, but instead pulled resources from Afghanistan to invade Iraq under a false pretense. Afghanistan has turned into a corruption-ridden narco-state producing 90% of the world's opium, and bin Laden became a folk hero to Islamic terrorists.

Fundamental principle of geopolitics designates the enemy of our enemy our friend. Our geopolitical enemy in the Middle East is Iran, the soon-to-be nuclear powered sponsor of Islamic terrorism. The enemy of Iran was Iraq. Invading and destroying the enemy of our enemy and botching even that was the epitome of idiocy.

The question is, 'What do we do about it now?' Do we pull out of the Middle East and hand it and its oil over to Iran, Taliban and militant Islam?

To rally the country and regain the trust of the world, we must admit to the world what it already knows - the invasion of Iraq was an idiotic error by an incompetent administration that sold fabrications as intelligence - and ask the world to help us clean up the mess.

The Middle East in the hands of Islamic militants, despite their fake olive branches (see Islam: What the West Needs to Know), would be an error to rival the invasion and hurt all democracies around the world. Geopolitically, we have no choice but to stay and win.