Obama Presidency

"What's difference will there be between Obama presidency & McCain presidency?"

Obama PresidencyThe greatest difference between an Obama presidency and a McCain presidency most likely will be their impact on the supreme court (see Age of Supreme Court Justices).

If even two among the Supreme Court Justices Stevens (88 years old), Ginsburg (75), Breyer (70), and Souter (69) retire over the next 4-8 years, a McCain presidency could lock in a 6:3 conservative majority in the high court for the next generation and finally overturn Roe v Wade (see Abortion Is Murder).

Instead, if either Justice Scalia or Kennedy, both 72 years old, retires over the same period, an Obama presidency will lock in a 6:3 or 5:4 liberal majority for the next generation capable of not only upholding Roe v. Wade but also striking down the homosexual marriage bans adopted by 29 states thus far (see Bible Verses About Homosexuality).

On foreign policy, President Obama will pull troops out of Iraq, most probably lose the war in Afghanistan and fail to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Iraq and Afghanistan will become to us what Afghanistan was to the Soviet Union, and America’s influence in the Middle East will wane, further imperiling our energy future.

On the economic front, Barack Obama will shift the country closer to socialism, and the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate will given him free reign to do so. As the government attempts to print its way out of the deepening recession, our dollar will devalue while inflation and the national debt rise.