Mitt Romney Warning

Mitt Romney Warning

12/26/07 - warns against Mitt Romney

The former Governor Mitt Romney touts the virtues of anti-abortion, anti-homosexual marriage and other conservative positions. Mitt Romney also champions defense, professes faith in the Christian God, and speak well in sound bites. The former Governor of Massachusetts is a polished politician.

Beneath the polish, however, Mitt Romney is a man who hasn't walked his talk and even walked contrary to his talk. His pro-life and anti-homosexual marriage positions date back only to 2006, prior to which he consistently supported abortion and homosexuality. While he claims that his conversion to social conservatism at 57 years of age is genuine, it happens to coincide with his consideration to seek the 2008 Republican nomination for president.

Mitt Romney has neither foreign policy nor defense experience to support his claimed strength on defense, and even the sincerity of that claim rests on thin ice. When his friends went to war in Vietnam, Romney went to France instead. When his neighbors sent their sons to Iraq, all five of Romney's sons stayed home.

Mitt Romney professes faith in the Christian God and describes his Mormon church as just another church down the street. In reality, it is a "church" that teaches Jesus and Satan are brothers, Jesus wasn't always God, and humans can become God (see Mormon cult).

Mitt Romney's claims of social conservatism, strength on defense and faith in the Christian God share a common thread; they are carefully crafted and polished fabrications (see his platform).

Mitt Romney has proven that he will say anything to get elected. He speaks from calculation instead of conviction, and if he were to win the Republican nomination, he is as likely to betray the conservatives in the general election as he already has betrayed the liberals. America deserves better and must give Mitt Romney a wide berth.