Can a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

Can A Christian Vote For A Mormon?

Can A Christian Vote For A Mormon"Can a Christian vote for a Mormon?"

A Christian cannot vote for a Mormon, whose Jesus is the brother of Satan.

"Can a Christian vote for a Mormon if the Mormon will protect Christian values?"

A Mormon will not continue to protect Christian values. But even if a Mormon were to protect Christian values in the beginning, a true Christian can never vote for a Mormon.

Why not?

Would you vote for Satan if he promised to overturn Roe v Wade (see abortion is murder), constitutionally ban homosexual marriage (see Bible verses about homosexuality), eradicate unemployment, balance the federal budget, and pay off our national debt (see America in decline)? If Satan offered, "All this I will give you," [Satan] said, "if you will bow down and worship me," (Matthew 4:9) will you bow to him?

If not, neither can you support a member of Satan's cult that calls Jesus, who is our perfectly Holy Creator, the brother of Satan, who is the perfectly evil creature.

Or consider a scenario closer to your home.

Imagine that your spouse is the most virtuous person in the world. Also imagine that a man running for mayor of your town believes your spouse is a prostitute or a pedophile. The candidate shares this lie with his friends in town, and your spouse is aware of it.

Would you vote for that candidate if he will protect your 'values' (see prominent Christian leaders)? Or would you speak out against his lie and defend the honor of your spouse? If you voted for him, how would your spouse feel about your betrayal?

The Mormon cult's claim that Jesus and Satan are brothers is a far bigger lie than a virtuous mortal being called a pedophile or a prostitute, and a vote for a Presiding High Priest of Mormonism (see Mitt Romney religion), which teaches that abominable lie, is an affirmation of the lie and a betrayal of Jesus, like Judas'.

You should also consider the impact of a Mormon president on four groups of people: (1) those engaged in the struggle to deliver people from Mormonism; (2) those who have escaped from Mormonism but still bear its scars; (3) the millions still trapped in Mormonism; and (4) non-Mormons whom the Mormons continue to try to lure.

If you have any doubts about the true nature of Mormonism, please read Mormon cult, as well as some of the heartbreaking accounts here by those who escaped from it.