Donald Trump Coronavirus

Donald Trump - Coronavirus

Donald Trump CoronavirusThreat #1 - Coronavirus Pandemic 

President Trump was quick to ban flights from China after the coronavirus pandemic began there. But then, like most of the world's other heads of state, he was late in making preparations for the inevitable arrival of the coronavirus pandemic on our shores.

Now that it is here, we have no choice but to spend 4 weeks in a draconian lockdown, as the people of Wuhan did and have now returned to normal life without masks. President Trump must immediately take these 5 steps:

1.  Mobilize the Army National Guard to secure our borders so that nobody (infected with the virus) enters America illegally, and quarantine for 14 days everyone entering legally to ensure that they do not carry the coronavirus into our country.

2.  Invoke the Defense Production Act to mass produce N95 masks, other personal protective equipment, pulmonary ventilators, and coronavirus testing kits that can be self-administered and give accurate results within minutes.

3.  Require all non-essential workers to stay home for the 4 weeks, and require all essential workers, including those who deliver food to the non-essential workers, to wear masks and other personal protection when outside their homes.

4.  Distribute enough money to all Americans who need it so that everyone can eat and meet their basic needs during the 4 weeks, and increase funding to our hospitals and healthcare workers.

5.  Unite, lead, and exhort all Americans to do their part during the 4 weeks.

If everyone complies, one lockdown will crush the pandemic and life can return to normal again, as it has in Wuhan. But if one person doesn't comply and spreads the virus again, the sacrifice everyone else makes will be wasted and need to be repeated.

Little else matters now. President Trump's re-election, and a lot more, hinges on whether or not he is able to lead and mobilize America to crush the coronavirus pandemic.

After the pandemic has been crushed, President Trump should mobilize the world to stop trading with China until the Chinese Communist Party pays reparations for causing the pandemic by blocking domestic flights from Wuhan but not blocking international flights from Wuhan before locking it down in January. That unconscionable decision exported a local outbreak into a global pandemic, for which the Chinese Communist Party must accept responsibility and pay reparations to us and to the rest of the world.

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