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Donald Trump Ratings08/08/2020 - lowers Trump presidency rating to B

More Americans - citizens of the world's richest nation - have died from the coronavirus than the citizens of any other nation in the world. While China is responsible for turning a local outbreak into a global pandemic, President Trump bears responsibility for implementing only #4 of the five requirements for crushing the pandemic.

His three high-profile summits with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un also have turned out to be largely photo ops, and one of the two men he appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court has turned out to not to be a conservative.

President Trump highlights the need for the White House to be occupied by a truly born-again, God-fearing Christian, and our rating of his presidency is lowered to a B.

However, he remains a far better choice than Joe Biden, who has a very long history of corruption and has chosen a Hindu to replace him amidst his accelerating senility if he were to beat Donald Trump in the election.

01/24/2020 - raises Trump presidency rating to A-

In light of these accomplishments during his first term as president, raises the rating of the Trump presidency to A-. In his first term, President Donald Trump has:

•  Added two conservative Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.
•  Added two hundred conservative judges to the federal courts.
•  Lowered unemployment rate to historic levels and raised waged.
•  Improved the quality of trade deals.
•  Confronted intellectual property theft by China.
•  Pulled manufacturing supply chains out of China and back toward America.
•  Built substantial portions of the border wall despite fierce Democratic resistance.
•  Leveraged Mexico and Central American nations to cut illegal immigration.
•  Moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
•  Defeated ISIS and eliminated its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
•  Confronted Iranian aggression and eliminated its leader Qassem Soleimani.

President Trump has outperformed expectations and deserves a second term, but his re-election faces these Threats.

01/02/2018 - raises Trump presidency rating to B+

In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has outperformed our pre-election expectations.

Donald Trump is proving himself a determined president who is unfazed by foes at home and abroad, and who keeps his promises. Notably, he nominated and seated a conservative Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court (see Ages of Supreme Court Justices) and ordered the relocation of our embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, something his predecessors had lacked the courage to do and had been postponing every six months since the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 became law and mandated the move two decades ago.

Our rating of the presidency of Donald Trump has been raised to a B+. We look forward to reasons for further enhancements.

2016 Presidential Candidacy Rating for Donald Trump

While Donald Trump is best known as a television personality whose TV show maintained high ratings, he amassed his fortune as a real estate developer, building, owning and operating hotels, casinos and other income properties (see Donald Trump background).

Donald Trump claims to be a Presbyterian but is not a born again Christian (see Donald Trump religion), and is in his third marriage, having divorced previous wives to marry younger women.

A former Democrat, Donald Trump still accepts abortion in certain cases (see Abortion is Murder and Donald Trump platform), and post-Obergefell v. Hodges, homosexual marriage in all cases (see Bible verses about Homosexuality). He has criticized the North Carolina law that requires people to use public bathrooms that corresponds to their gender.

Trump proposes to lower taxes, raise trade barriers, deport all illegal immigrants, build a wall along our southern border, and confront Iran, ISIS and Muslim immigration (see Donald Trump platform and Justice of God).

Trump has no political or foreign policy experience but is running, to his credit, a campaign that disavows political correctness and appears more genuine - one that someone with Ted Cruz's claimed faith (see Ted Cruz religion and Ted Cruz platform) should have had the courage to run, trusting in the Lord (See Lord, Liar or Lunatic?)

On the other hand, Trump is thin-skinned and immature, as evidenced by his sophomoric mocking of the appearance of Ted Cruz's wife after a superpac supporting Ted Cruz used a semi-nude GQ magazine photo of Trump's wife, a former model, in its attack advertisement.

An unprincipled pragmatist, Donald Trump is a deal maker who considers most things negotiable in order to get a deal done. How many of the conservative values he espoused publicly while pandering to Christians during the primaries remain intact as he pivots toward the general election and beyond remain to be seen.

Pending Trump's responses to our questions, the current rating of his presidential candidacy remains a C-.

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