John Edwards Rating

John Edwards - Rating

John Edwards Rating Update: John Edwards was blessed with a loyal wife in Elizabeth Edwards, who put her husband's unwavering political ambitions ahead of her own life and campaigned to support his bid for The White House even while she was dying from terminal cancer. John Edwards rewarded her loyalty by having a baby from an extramarital affair with a woman whom he promised to marry after his loyal wife died. John Edwards is unfit to lead anyone, and his rating has been lowered to a generous D- in order to to reserve F for Satanic blasphemy.

Born to a working-class family, John Edwards had a lucrative career as a personal injury lawyer before winning his Senate seat and serving for 7 years.

John Edwards has name recognition from having been John Kerry's running mate in the 2004 Presidential campaign. But he lacks gravitas and foreign policy experience, and proposes a platform that cannot be supported by conservative and values voters, including Christian voters, led by its core evangelical voters.

Our rating of Senator Edwards' candidacy for President is a D.