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What is Elizabeth Warren's rating?

Compared to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren is more accomplished and less easy to dismiss. She taught at Harvard, chaired the Congressional panel that oversaw the TARP program after the 2008 financial crisis, and led the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (see Elizabeth Warren Background).

But Elizabeth Warren has a credibility problem of her own, as she has a long history of telling lies. She lied about having a Native American heritage in order to get jobs throughout her academic career; she voluntarily quit her first teaching job after getting pregnant but claimed that she was fired for being pregnant; she claimed that her kids "went to public schools" even though her son attended mostly private schools; she rolled $10 million of big donor donations from her U.S. Senate campaign into her presidential campaign and then claimed that her campaign isn't financed by big donor money; and she even twists Scripture (see Elizabeth Warren Religion).

To her credit, some of Elizabeth Warren's proposals, including breaking up the big tech companies, taxing the wealth of the ultra-rich, prohibiting former members of Congress from working as lobbyists, prohibiting the granting of ambassadorships to donors, have merit. And unlike Bernie Sanders, she at least has tried to put some calculations and explanations behind her economic platform.

But the economic platform of Elizabeth Warren suffers from the same fundamental flaw as Bernie Sanders' platform: not defending our borders while offering everything to everyone will flood America with the world's poor, collapse our economy and lead to chaos. Elizabeth Warren is also pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, and proven herself to not be trustworthy.

Our rating of her candidacy for the presidency is a C-.