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Bernie Sanders - Platform

Bernie Sanders Platform(continued from Bernie Sanders' Beliefs)

What is the platform of Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders's 2020 platform is the most liberal and costly platform ever proposed by a major presidential candidate. Below are the major elements of Bernie Sanders' platform, which would cost at least $60 trillion ($60,000,000,000,000) over the next decade.


Bernie Sanders proposes to abolish Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs & Border Protection (CPB), and grant U.S. citizenship to all illegal aliens in America, as well as to everyone else in the world who wants to come to America and claim asylum.


Bernie Sanders proposes to cancel all medical debt and create a Medicare for All that provides free medical, dental, vision, hearing, long-term care, mental health, substance abuse treatment, prescription drug and abortion coverage, with no payments, premiums, deductibles or co-payments, for every current and future U.S. citizen.


Bernie Sanders proposes to spend $2.5 trillion to build 10 million homes, which will be provided for free to the homeless and heavily subsidized to everyone else who wants one.


Bernie Sanders proposes to federally guaranty every current and future U.S. citizen a job that pays a living wage and that can be terminated by the employers only with just cause.


Bernie Sanders proposes to grant free childcare to everyone, make all public colleges tuition-free, and cancel all $1.6 trillion of currently outstanding student loans, but does not propose to reimburse the people who already have repaid their student loans.


Bernie Sanders proposes to legalize all abortions (see Is abortion murder?), including late-term abortions and born-alive abortions, and has stated that abortions can help reduce climate change (see Should abortion be allowed?).


Bernie Sanders was an early supporter of homosexuals. As Vermont's U.S. Congressman, he helped his state in 2000 to become the first in the nation to legally recognize homosexual "unions." In 2009, Vermont's U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders helped his state become the first in the nation to legalize homosexual "marriage."


Bernie Sanders proposes to federally legalize marijuana and expunge all past marijuana-related convictions.


Bernie Sanders proposes to reduce emissions throughout the world, and to have renewable energy generate all electricity and drive all modes of transportation in America by 2030.

Is Bernie Sanders' platform achievable?

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