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Bernie Sanders ReligionWhat is the religion of Bernie Sanders?

Even though Bernie Sanders was born into and studied the religion of Judaism (see Bernie Sanders Background), Judaism has not been his religion for a very long time.

At a town hall event in 2016, Bernie Sanders was asked, "Faith ... is something you've spoken a little bit about. You're Jewish, but you've said that you're not actively involved with organized religion. What do you say to a voter out there who says and sees faith as a guiding principle in their lives, and wants it to be a guiding principle for this country?" Bernie Sanders replied as follows:

"You know, everybody practices religion in a different way. To me, I would not be here tonight - I would not be running for the president of the United States - if I did not have strong religious and spiritual, uh, feelings. I believe that as a human being, the pain that one person feels - if we have children who are hungry in America, if we have elderly people who can't afford their prescription drugs - that impacts you, that impacts me. And I worry very much about a society where some people spiritually say, 'It doesn't matter to me. I got it. I don't care about other people.' So my spirituality is that we are all in this together, and that when children go hungry, when veterans sleep out on the street, it impacts me. That's my very strong spiritual feelings." - Bernie Sanders, CNN New Hampshire Democratic Town Hall, February 3, 2016

To his credit, Bernie Sanders refrained from calling the above his religious "beliefs." He called it his "religious and spiritual, uh, feelings," but even that is a stretch, as he was trying to pass off secular humanism as a religion.

However, Bernie Sanders does have beliefs that are deeply troubling to Christians.

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