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Bernie Sanders RatingsWhat is Bernie Sanders' rating?

If Bernie Sanders becomes the president of the United States, the 3.6 billion people in the world who live in poverty on less than $5.50/day (source: World Bank) will know that if they can reach America, they will get free housing, free medical care, free education, a job that pays a living wage, and be granted U.S. citizenship (see Bernie Sanders Platform).

So they will come. Hundreds of millions from Mexico, South and Central America will march north, and even more from Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe will come by ships and planes. If a family can't come together, one of its members will come first, get settled, and then send for the rest. If they can't afford the voyage, they will indenture themselves to human traffickers, who will bring them over and then be paid over time.

The $60 trillion price tag on Bernie Sanders' platform, as astronomical as it is, assumes steady U.S. population. To accommodate the foreigners flooding into America, Bernie Sanders will need to print unprecedented amounts of money, which will lead to hyperinflation, which in turn will cause the value of the dollar, already weighed down by our $23 trillion national debt, to crash, and crash with it our economy and social stability.

But Bernie Sanders is a U.S. Senator. Surely, he must have thought through his ideas carefully and have contingency plans to mitigate such an outcome, no?

Bernie Sanders has neither academic nor professional pedigree. He failed as a preschool teacher, as a carpenter, and as a writer before launching his political career by becoming the mayor of a poverty-stricken small town (see Bernie Sanders Background).

His platform isn't the product of careful calculation or some genius new economic theory. It is a childish and irresponsible "Give everything to everyone in the world!" rant of a socialist who wants to do for the entire world what Vladimir Lenin couldn't do for the Soviet Union. That this platform was tabled by a U.S. Senator is troubling. That he is a leading Democratic candidate shows how unhinged the Democratic party has become.

Our rating of Bernie Sanders, who had a heart attack in 2019 and will be 80 years old in 2021, for the presidency is a D-.