Elizabeth Warren Platform

Elizabeth Warren - Platform

Elizabeth Warren Platform(continued from Elizabeth Warren's Beliefs)

What is the platform of Elizabeth Warren?

Here are the key elements of Elizabeth Warren's platform for the presidency.


Elizabeth Warren is a staunch supporter of Abortion, including late-term abortions and even born-alive abortions, as well as Planned Parenthood.


Elizabeth Warren supports homosexual "marriage."


Elizabeth Warren proposes to decriminalize foreigners illegally crossing into America and downgrade it to just a civil offense. She also wants Customs & Border Protection (CPB)  and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants:

"I'll reshape CBP and ICE from top to bottom, focusing their efforts on homeland security efforts like screening cargo, identifying counterfeit goods, and preventing smuggling and trafficking." - Elizabeth Warren, Medium.com, July 11, 2019


To try to cover the astronomical cost of her free offerings (see below), Elizabeth Warren proposes massive tax increases, including a 2% annual tax on a household’s net worth between $50 million and $1 billion, and a 6% annual tax on net worth above $1 billion, as well as higher taxes for corporations with annual profits of over $100 million.


Elizabeth Warren proposes to abolish private insurance and make Medicare available to everyone in America in two phases: to everyone over 50 years of age in the first year of her presidency, and to everyone else in the third year of her presidency.


Elizabeth Warren proposes to cancel up to $50,000 of student debt for people who earn household income of less than $100,000, and cancel lower amounts for those with incomes between $100,000 and $250,000. She also proposes to make all public colleges tuition-free, grant more federal aid for non-tuition expenses, pour $50 billion into historical black colleges and universities, increase support for public K-12 schools, withdraw federal support for charter schools, and offer free child care to everyone.


Elizabeth Warren proposes to federally legalize marijuana and expunge all past marijuana-related convictions.


Elizabeth Warren proposes to break up the big tech companies, including Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Foreign Policy

Elizabeth Warren proposes to prohibit the granting of ambassadorships to donors.

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