No McCain/Romney Ticket

No McCain/Romney Ticket

06/09/08 - cautions John McCain against McCain/Romney ticket cautions the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain against a McCain/Romney ticket for three compelling reasons.

Firstly, both conservatives and liberals are wary of Mitt Romney, who was pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage until his Republican Presidential nomination aspirations kicked in, and then switched to an anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage stance. A flip-flopper running mate will compromise your credibility and turn away voters drawn to your trustworthy image and appeal.

Secondly, given the incumbent legacy and the competition you face in this election, your running mate should be capable of making a dependable and sizable impact on the electoral map. Massachusetts hasn't been won by a Republican in 24 years and only offers 12 electoral votes. Utah offers even fewer, with 5, and you won't need Mitt Romney's help to win a state that Republican presidential candidates have carried for the last 40 years.

Thirdly, Christian voters will not accept a potential Mormon White House, especially given the possibility of age keeping you from seeking a second term. America led by a president who doesn't believe in Jesus, as has happened in the past, is one thing. America led by someone who believes Jesus is Satan's brother is something else.

We trust you will make an astute running mate choice, which will strengthen your trustworthy appeal, impact the electoral map, and win over the Christian base, not force it to vote or even campaign to keep your running mate out of the West Wing.