Endorse Mitt Romney?

Endorse Mitt Romney?

05/07/12 - GodVoter.org reiterates F rating on Mitt Romney, warns endorsers

As the Republican leadership attempts to rally support behind Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, GodVoter.org reminds Christian voters that Mitt Romney remains a disguised liberal (see Mitt Romney platform). Even if he were a conservative, our first love and loyalty are not to conservatism or beating Barack Obama or even Christian "values", but to Christ Himself.

A true Christian can never vote for, let alone campaign for or endorse someone who believes and teaches the abominable lie that Jesus, our Holy Lord, Savior and Creator of the universe, is the brother of Satan, the perfectly evil creature and the enemy of Christ.

Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and other self-declared Christians (see Presidential Candidates) presently falling in line to endorse Mitt Romney to preserve their futures in the Republican party and/or to grovel to Mitt Romney to be picked as his running mate will be remembered by Christian voters, and more importantly, by the Lord.

For Christian voters, the priority in this election has shifted from electing a Christian president (see America in Decline) to denying the White House to the Presiding High Priest of the Mormon cult whose election may cap America's betrayal of Christ, with consequences to follow.

To affect this denial, Christians can refrain from voting, cast blank ballots, vote for Ron Paul or one of the other Presidential Candidates.