Paul Ryan Plan

Paul Ryan Plan

08/24/12 - rates Paul Ryan D, suspects his budget plan

Did Mitt Romney pick Paul Ryan as his running mate because he believes in Paul Ryan's economic plan, which is the centerpiece of Paul Ryan's political identity?

If so, why did Mitt Romney only endorse Paul Ryan budget plan ("plan") in December of 2011 after resisting and evading all prior calls to endorse the plan?

And if not for Paul Ryan's plan, why did Mitt Romney pick Paul Ryan as his running mate in August of 2012?

Having failed to leverage the weak economy to gains at the polls, having failed to gain traction with the Republican base, and after a gaffes-filled trip abroad during July, Mitt Romney had nothing more to offer and no momentum heading into the Republican National Convention.

Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan, a fiscal conservative*, to try to win over the Republican base and energize his lackluster campaign, not unlike why John McCain chose Sarah Palin, a social conservative, in 2008.

Discussing the implementation of Paul Ryan's economic plan naively assumes that the unconscionably flip-flopped Mitt Romney platform will suddenly become reliably conservative or that a President Mitt Romney will fade into the background and let his Vice President preside over the nation.

Paul Ryan is the bait of yet another Mitt Romney bait and switch and a new veneer of conservatism under which to hide his flip-flops, tax returns and the truth about his Mormonism long enough to win the election.

Paul Ryan has been consistently anti-abortion but weak on homosexual issues. In 2007, he supported the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which sought to strengthen homosexual employees' legal rights, and said that his attitude towards homosexuals is a “generational thing” that is less important to him than to older people. He also does not defend the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy and has said that he will go along with whatever the generals want.

Paul Ryan is a young career politician with no military, executive or foreign policy experience but with a record of not being honest (evidences). That he would join and strive to elect as president a Presiding High Priest of the Mormon cult, whose Jesus is the brother of Satan also speaks for his judgment and beliefs.

Paul Ryan's candidacy rating of D may have been higher if he had run for the presidency on his own and against Mitt Romney.

* It should be noted that Paul Ryan has not sought to reduce the federal deficit and debt as consistently as someone like Ron Paul. In 2008, for example, Paul Ryan voted for both the auto industry bailout and the $700 billion banking industry bailout.