John McCain POW

John McCain - POW

John McCain POW(continued from John McCain Platform)

John McCain's defining moment dates back to his POW years during the Vietnam War. After being shot down, wounded and becoming a POW of the North Vietnamese army, John McCain was offered an early spot in the prisoner exchange program after his captors identified his father as the US commander in the war. John McCain declined and waited 5 more years for his proper turn in the prisoner exchange program.

In total, all but 2 years of John McCain's adult life have been in public service: 23 years in the United States Navy, 4 years in the United States Congress and 24 years in the United States Senate. John McCain's loyalty to those around him in his public life has been exemplary.

The son and the grandson of US Navy Admirals, John McCain is also the grandson of an Episcopalian preacher, and was raised and schooled as an Episcopalian. Since his second marriage to Cindy McCain, he has been attending her Baptist church, but questions remain about John McCain's beliefs.

John McCain has foreign policy credentials but is weak on the economy, including America's national debt and Christian issues. He opposed a Constitutional ban on gay marriage and advocated abortion in some cases. John McCain also called Islam, which denies Christ's deity, an "honorable religion", and confuses the Mormon cult with Christianity.

Despite reservations, his candidacy rating was raised to B- after choosing Sarah Palin instead of Mitt Romney as his 2008 running mate. Should he decide to run again, our rating of his candidacy would restart in this range.