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Many have said Mike Pence's long journey from Roman Catholicism to Christianity has been completed. Starting Bible studies, his Christian testimony, and moving from a Catholic church to an ecumenical church to an evangelical church (see Mike Pence born again?) are encouraging signs. But questions remain about Mike Pence's loyalties.

After meeting the Roman Catholic pope at the Vatican on January 24, 2020, Mike Pence told Francis: "Thank you, Your Holiness. You have made me a hero."

The only One who should be addressed as "Your Holiness" is God, not the head of the world's largest cult (see Roman Catholicism) parading as Christianity.

Mike Pence is also said to have played a key role in President Donald Trump choosing Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh as U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Neil Gorsuch turned out not to be a conservative, and both are Roman Catholics with ties to the Jesuit order, which was founded in the 16th century to crush Reformation and has committed centuries of atrocities against Christians.

To gain clarity about Mike Pence's faith, beliefs and loyalties, GodVoter.org asked him these questions in 2016. They remain unanswered in 2020.

If Mike Pence is calling himself an "Evangelical Catholic" to not offend his devoutly Catholic mother, he needs to decide whether his loyalty is to God or to his mother, and also realize that he is wrongly signaling to many that the Gospel can be found in Catholicism.

Pending his reply, our rating of a Mike Pence presidency in 2024 remains a B+.