Is Catholicism Christian?

Is Roman Catholicism Christian?

I am curious as to whether or not your website or its authors feel that Roman Catholicism is in some way not a Christian religion. I do not see this specifically in your website, but I got that impression. I should say that I am not Catholic myself, so I am only curious. If you would be kind enough to clarify for me in any manner you deem appropriate, I would appreciate it for my knowledge.

A lot of rabble rousing and interesting commentary on your website, and we need more of that now and people who stand for values, even if those values are not necessarily politically correct.

I found much of your website and citation to scripture educational.

John P. Martin response:

Thank you for your email. Roman Catholicism came into existence in the 6th century when the bishop of Rome gained ascendancy over four rival bishops (of Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople), appointed himself the oracle of God and the sole authority on the Bible, which he then put away, and began to issue man-made rules and edicts. A thousand years later, Roman Catholicism had strayed so far from the Bible that the few with access to it protested, and then led a revolt, resulting in the "Protestant" Reformation.

The Vatican initially tried to silence the protesters through intimidation, torture and murder, leaving a trail of 50 million murdered Protestant (History of Romanism, pp. 541, 542. New York: 1871), far more than the number murdered by the Romans, Muslims and Communists put together, during the golden age of innovation in torture methods.

Having failed, the Vatican since has been engaging in twisted acrobatics in logic to try to justify Transubstantiation, Papacy, Indulgences, Purgatory, Mary-worship and other unbiblical beliefs and traditions. When challenged, Roman Catholics usually cites Popes, early church "Fathers" and its Catechism of the Catholic Church, but not the Bible, whose final warning (Revelation 22:18-19) disqualifies all of them.

That some consider Roman Catholicism Christian has more to do with the size, wealth and the political power of Roman Catholicism than its doctrines. Base on the latter, it is outside the bounds of Biblical Christianity.

Lest Protestants relish the above, Roman Catholicism exemplifies the dangers that await any "Christian" denomination, pastor or church that strays from the Bible, especially as they gain wealth and power. It is crucial for every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ to take ownership of their faith and filter all teachings through the Bible, not filter the Bible through pastoral or church teachings; the eternal destiny of their soul is too important to outsource it to someone else. Here is a set of good sermons and good Bible study (that should be filtered through the Bible). You may also appreciate our next reply: Jesus flesh. May the Lord bless you.