Mike Pence Born Again

Mike Pence - Born Again

Mike Pence Born AgainIs Mike Pence a born-again Christian?

Mike Pence's Christian Testimony sounds like that of a born again Christian. However, after graduation from Hanover, the Protestant college where he supposedly was born again (see Mike Pence Religion), he went back to Roman Catholicism.

Mike Pence continued to attend Catholic mass, which re-crucifies Jesus every week (see Transubstantiation), served as a Catholic youth minister, and even applied to graduate school to become a Catholic priest. He chose to study law instead, and attended St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, where he met and married his wife Karen, a Roman Catholic, during his final year of law school at Indiana University.

After graduating from law school, a couple of years of practicing law, and being more drawn to politics, Mike Pence asked the Republican chairman of Indiana's Marion County, "What should I be doing now if I want to run for Congress in my 50s?"

"You should run for Congress now," was the answer. Mike Pence took the advice, ran in 1988 for Indiana's 2nd congressional district, campaigning on wholesomeness, integrity and personability (he rode around on a bicycle, striking up conversations), won the Republican primary, and then lost the closest race in the district's history to the Democratic incumbent, while working full time at his law firm.

Having come so close to becoming a U.S. Congressman on his first try and without even campaigning full time, Mike Pence tried again in 1990. He quit his job, campaigned full time, and brought in political strategists, who told him that to win this time, he would need to run a negative campaign. Blinded by ambition, Mike Pence heeded them instead of God, launched personal attacks against the Democratic incumbent, destroyed his own wholesome persona that had been built up during his first campaign, and lost by 19 points.

"It was a terrible experience - a bloodbath. We lost the race and lost our mission to honor God and love your neighbor as yourself," Mike Pence admitted afterwards, and visited his Democratic opponent to seek his forgiveness. It is said that this experience led to deep introspection, repentance, and changed Mike Pence from an aggressive, self-assured young man to a humble man, humble before man and God. His perceived lack of aggressive charisma isn't congenital.

Was Mike Pence born-again by this time?

For years later in 1994, Mike Pence was still calling himself a Roman Catholic. In 1995, he and his family did join Grace Evangelical Church, an ecumenical Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) congregation, in Indianapolis.

In 2000, the then Republican congressman for Indiana's 2nd congressional district invited Mike Pence to run to replace him, as he was going to run for the state's governorship. Pence accepted the invitation, ran, won, and said during his acceptance speech, "My faith in Jesus Christ, the God of second chances, who granted us not so much victory as the grace to run a campaign of integrity - we'll give Him the glory first."

Mike Pence served six terms in the U.S. Congress, then ran for governor of Indiana in 2012. When the race tightened, his media strategist Rex Elsass pleaded with him that attacks from his Democratic opponent justified a direct and forceful response as long as it was truthful. Mike Pence turned him down, and won the race.

Immediately after becoming the governor of Indiana in 2013, Mike Pence started a weekly Bible study at the governor’s mansion. He also left the ecumenical Grace Evangelical Church and began worshipping at the evangelical College Park Church.

Three years later in 2016, Donald Trump asked Mike Pence to become his running mate. Mike Pence prayed with his wife for Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie and the others who also had waited for that call, and then shared the news of the call with his own children.

Upon becoming the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence started a Wednesday morning Bible study group for the members of the Cabinet.

So, is Mike Pence a born-again Christian today?

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