Joe Biden Rating

Joe Biden Rating

What is Joe Biden's rating?

Joe Biden RatingJoe Biden is considered the leading 2020 Democratic candidate for the presidency only because he is deemed the least worst option to beat the seemingly unelectable socialist Bernie Sanders and then president Trump. But this is woefully wishful thinking.

Joe Biden is too old

The 78-year-old Joe Biden tries to use his wardrobe, hair cut, aviator sunglasses and make up to make himself look as young as possible. But it is obvious that his mental faculties are fading. His wife Jill Biden may be justified in feeling that she was robbed of potential First Ladyship in 2016 but it is clear that Joe Biden no longer has the mental acuity for professional work, let alone the pressures of leading the free world. By pushing her husband to right Barack Obama's betrayal of him in 2016, she is forcing him to expose his senility and in a matter of time embarrass himself to the world as Robert Mueller did.

Joe Biden is too corrupt

For decades, Joe Biden has been peddling political influence to customers domestic and foreign through his brothers, sister and son (see Joe Biden's Corruption in China and Ukraine). Irrespective of his candidacy for the presidency, he should be prosecuted for corruption.

Joe Biden belongs in a retirement home or a jail house, not The White House. Our rating of his 2020 candidacy for the presidency is an F.