Joe Biden - China

Joe Biden - China

Joe Biden's corruption in China?

Joe Biden ChinaIn 2013, President Obama made the then Vice President Joe Biden his point man for China on policy. In late 2013, Joe Biden's son Hunter suddenly became the Director and part equity owner of Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a private equity investment fund "sponsored," according to its website, by The Bank of China.

What does that mean?

Bank of China is a Chinese "state-owned enterprise," which in China means that it is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. BHR has other sponsors as well, including Postal Savings Bank of China, China Development Bank, and all of them are also state-owned enterprises; BHR is an investment vehicle of the Chinese Communist Party.

Why did China's Communists make Hunter Biden a Director and equity partner?

It wasn't for his linguistic ability since he speaks no Chinese. It wasn't for his extensive knowledge of China's investment market since he hadn't been to China. It wasn't for his general investment acumen either since his previous attempt at investing had led him to create a joint fund with a criminal behind a $7 billion Ponzi-scheme and he himself had barely escaped prosecution (see Joe Biden Corrupt).

What happened next?

In December of 2013, Joe Biden flew to China on an official visit and walked down from Air Force Two with his son Hunter. Ten days after Joe and Hunter Biden flew back from China, BHR announced that it will be raising $1.5 billion to invest. To date, BHR has raised and invested $2.4 billion.

In what did they invest that money?

Any Chinese company that wants to succeed must have as investor the Chinese Communist Party, which only invests in top-notch prospects, including those that strengthen its rule, and then protects then to grow. Here is a sampling of the companies in which BHR invested:

Didi Chuxing - China's copycat of Uber, which later bought out Uber China
Sinopec Petroleum - China's oil trading and distribution monopoly
Chengdu Xijiao Rail Transportation Technology - Technology for China's railway
Contemporary Amperex Technology - China's largest maker of lithium ion batteries
Megvii Image Recognition - Facial recognition company enabling mass surveillance
China General Nuclear Power Group - Nuclear power company blacklisted by the US government for stealing US technology for military use

But Hunter Biden says he has yet to make any money from BHR?

Any private equity fund managing $2.4 billion in investments generates hundreds of millions of dollars in fees over the life of the fund. A double digit percentage of that will eventually flow to the Biden family, so the question is akin to if someone "sells" you a million dollar house for $1 but you haven't sold the house yet, have you made any money?

What is treasonous about Joe Biden and BHR?

The Vice President of the United States went to China to scold it for stealing our technology for military use and its human rights abuses through mass surveillance while his son rakes in a fortune by investing in the companies that the Chinese Communist Party uses to steal our technology and commit human rights abuses against its own people.

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