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Hillary Clinton RatingHillary Clinton began her 2008 presidential campaign with stratospheric ratings, only to see those ratings erode, and eventually lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton began her 2016 presidential campaign also with high ratings, aided by most of the other Democratic presidential hopefuls having withheld their candidacies. But again, Hillary Clinton's ratings deflated partly due to unexpectedly strong candidacy of her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders.

On paper, Hillary Clinton should be a stronger presidential candidate in 2016 than she was in 2008, when she ran as the U.S. Senator from New York. Now, Hillary Clinton is running as the former U.S. Secretary of State with foreign policy credentials to round out her resume (see Hillary Clinton profile).

On social issues, 2016 is also a friendlier campaigning ground for Hillary Clinton than 2008 was. Universal healthcare and homosexual marriage are now laws of the land, and she still has her army of feminist supporters.

Hillary Clinton is older today and will be 69 years old if she were to become president, so questions about her age do linger. But Ronald Reagan was also 69 years old when he became president a generation ago when life expectancy was lower than it is today.

The main reason for Hillary Clinton's declining ratings is her incompetence and lack of integrity. She focused her years as the U.S. Secretary of State not on serving America's interests abroad but on positioning herself for another presidential run in 2016.

For example, to hide her political strategizing while on the job, Hillary Clinton secretly set up and used a private, unsecured email server through which she sent and received top secret emails, compromising our national security to protect her political ambitions.

And to maintain the image that her foreign policy initiative was succeeding in the Middle East, Hillary Clinton sent our ambassador to Libya into a danger zone without adequate protection. When they were attacked by Islamic militants, she refused to send military assistance. When they were killed, she lied to their families, claiming that a spontaneous mob angered by an anti-Islamic YouTube video had killed them, while informing her confidantes that they had been killed in a planned attack by Islamic militants.

While Hillary Clinton may have been raised in church (see Hillary Clinton religion), her policies (see Hillary Clinton platform) are antithetical to the Bible on many issues. If she were to win the presidency, she will appoint liberal justices to the U.S. Supreme Court (see Ages of Supreme Court Justices), and continue to promote her liberal agenda, including abortion (see Abortion Is Murder) and homosexual 'marriage' (see Bible verses about Homosexuality). The decline of America (see America in Decline) will accelerate.

Our rating of the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton remains a D-.