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Obama Ratings(continued from Barack Obama Platform)

Barack Obama began his presidency with record approval ratings. The 80-83% approval ratings that Barack Obama enjoyed on his 2009 inauguration day easily topped the 71-73% previous inaugural approval ratings record set by John F. Kennedy in 1961.

Three days after his inauguration, however, Barack Obama's approval rating dropped 15 points to 65-68% after his executive order on abortion and the details of his economic plan that had been hidden emerged.

Barack Obama's approval rating declined steadily thereafter and then languished in the 40 to 50 percentile range for the remainder of his term except for a brief spike just after Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.

The current rating of Barack Obama's presidency reflects his handling of the economy, social issues and foreign policy.

During his term, the economy became more fragile and dependent on imports of manufactured goods, the income gap widened, the national debt continued to grow unabated, and the middle class continued to struggle (see America In Decline).

Barack Obama promoted sin as a civil right (see Barack Obama & Racism and Marriage), murder as a woman's right (see Abortion Is Murder and Born Alive Abortion), and placed two more liberals on the U.S. Supreme Court (see Ages of Supreme Court Justices).

He also promoted I
slam (see Obama & Islam) while marginalizing Israel, legitimized the Communist regime of Cuba's Castro, handed $150 billion to Iran and set it on a path to become a nuclear threat (see Barack Obama's platform).

For the details linked above, our rating of his presidency remains an F.