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Pete Buttigieg religion"What is the religion of Pete Buttigieg"?

Unlike most Democratic candidates, Pete Buttigieg makes it a point to bring up his religion on the campaign trail. So what is the religion of Pete Buttigieg? Is he a Roman Catholic, a Protestant, a Christian, or none of the above?

Pete Buttigieg was born and raised in Indiana's South Bend, one of the most Roman Catholic towns in America that has no fewer than three Roman Catholic universities (University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College, and Holy Cross College), nineteen Roman Catholic churches, and ten Roman Catholic schools for its barely 100,000 residents.

Both of Pete Buttigieg's parents were Roman Catholic professors at the University of Notre Dame. His father Joseph Buttigieg was a Jesuit who even attended a Jesuit seminary for a while (Jesuit is the Roman Catholic order founded in the 16th century to crush Reformation and committed countless atrocities against Protestants during the Inquisition).

Pete Buttigieg attended St. Joseph's High School, one of the Roman Catholic schools in South Bend, and identified himself as a Roman Catholic, but kept it at arm's length because of its stance against his homosexuality.

While attending Harvard University, Pete Buttigieg occasionally attended its famously liberal and heretical Memorial Chapel. But it was while getting his graduate degree in the UK that Buttigieg finally found a religion that fit his homosexuality, in the form of the equally liberal and heretical Anglicanism, whose official head is the British monarch.

Upon returning home, Buttigieg began to identify himself as an Episcopalian, the American arm of Anglicanism, and attended South Bend's Episcopalian Cathedral of St. James. Pete Buttigieg and another homosexual man held an event at this "church" in June of 2018, after which they began to claim that they were each other's "husband."

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