Why Hospitals Refuse To Use Ivermectin

The Real Reason Hospitals Refuse To Use Ivermectin

The Real Reason Hospitals Refuse To Use Ivermectin(continued from Big Pharma Corruption)

"Why do hospitals refuse to use Ivermectin?"

If a US hospital gives an incoming COVID-19 Medicare patient a 5-day supply of the off-patent, generic Ivermectin and sends him or her home to recover (evidences), Medicare pays the hospital $120 for the Ivermectin (source), which the World Health Organization (WHO) can buy for $0.01 per 3 mg. That represents a high profit margin but a low profit amount compared to the $13,000 that Medicare pays the hospital if that patient is admitted instead, and an additional $39,000 if the patient is placed on a ventilator. If the patient then dies, Medicare pays the hospital up to an additional $10,000 (source 1 and 27:24-28:30 in source 2). And if the only drug the patient was given is Remdesivir, Medicare pays the hospital $2,300 for the Remdesivir, plus an additional 20% bonus on the patient's entire hospital bill (source).

(Medicare can attempt to justify paying 20 times more for Remdesivir than for Ivermectin by claiming that Remdesivir is still under patent. But no such attempt is possible for paying a 20% bonus on the patient's entire hospital bill if only Remdesivir is used to treat the patient. This bonus is another evidence that our government is under 'regulatory capture' by and does the bidding of Big Pharma.)

To generate for the hospital an additional $65,040 each ((($13,000 + $39,000 + $2,300) x 1.2) - $120), incoming COVID-19 patients are being told to go home, get sicker, return to the hospital to be admitted when they can't breathe, and then are being poisoned with Remdesivir, an ineffective and toxic chemical that destroys the kidneys and the liver (see Ban Remdesivir), and placed on ventilators, where 84% of them die (source).

When hospitalized COVID-19 patients beg to be treated with Ivermectin, most hospitals refuse even if the patient offers to sign a waiver that protects the hospital from legal liabilities. The stated reason invariably is that the FDA has not recommended COVID-19 to be treated with Ivermectin, but that is just an official-sounding excuse behind which to hide, as the treatment choice always rests with the patient and the attending physician. The real reason for the refusal is money.

Why are the doctors and nurses going along with this?

They are being bribed and placed under a gag order. Nurses are being paid up to $10,000 per week and doctors are being paid up to $50,000-60,000 per week to keep quiet and go along (27:24-28:30 in source). If they resist, let alone blow the whistle, they will lose their jobs, as well as their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to literally make a killing.

Only about 500 of America's 1 million doctors are rejecting that opportunity. Instead, they are honoring their Hippocratic oath and providing early treatment to COVID-19 patients, at great cost to themselves. Examples include Pierre Kory and Paul Marik of FLCCC, Peter McCullough and Elizabeth Vliet of AAPS.

Denying an effective medicine to patients and instead steering them onto ventilators where 84% of them die is a genocidal atrocity. During World War II, many German doctors and nurses obeyed orders to murder Jews because disobeying them would mean their own execution by the SS. Nazi doctors and nurses participated in the Holocaust to save their own lives. American doctors, nurses and hospital administrators are committing genocide to make money. Below are two examples.

AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center

Veronica Wolski

When Veronica Wolski (above and middle below) became hospitalized with COVID-19 at Chicago's AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center and requested to be treated with Ivermectin in August of 2021, the hospital said no. When she asked for her loved ones to be allowed to bring her Ivermectin, the hospital said no. When she begged to be transferred to another hospital, the hospital said no. When she pleaded to be allowed to simply exit the hospital to an ambulance arranged by her loved ones, the hospital said no. She eventually deteriorated, was put on a ventilator, and then died on September 13, 2021 to do her part in maximizing the aforementioned profit generation for AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center.

AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center

AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center is led by Board Chair Randy Haffner (left), who makes $2.96 million a year, and CEO Keith Parrott (right), who makes $2.8 million a year. To pay themselves their combined annual salary of $5.76 million, these two men need to deny Ivermectin to, give Remdesivir to, steer onto ventilators, and kill 89 Americans.

UPMC Memorial Hospital

Keith and Darla Smith

On November 19, 2021, Keith Smith (right) became hospitalized with COVID-19 at UPMC Memorial ("UPMC") in York, Pennsylvania. The next day, his wife Darla Smith (left) asked UPMC to treat her husband using Ivermectin. UPMC refused and instead put him on a ventilator on November 21. On November 24, Mrs. Smith filed a lawsuit to have her husband treated with Ivermectin. A York County judge heard the case on November 29 and ruled on December 3, "IT IS FURTHER ORDERED and DIRECTED, that Defendant, UPMC Memorial, shall allow either Tarik Farrag, MD or another physician or a registered nurse, who must be licensed by the State Board of Medicine, under the guidance and supervision of Tarik Farrag, MD, to have patient access to Plaintiff, Keith Smith, for the sole and limited purpose of administering Ivermectin, as prescribed by Dr. Farrag, to Mr. Smith at the UPMC hospital facility from time to time." (source).

When Mrs. Smith and a registered nurse who was to administer Ivermectin to her husband as already prescribed by Dr. Farrag went to UPMC, UPMC did not comply with the court order. Over the next two days, UPMC instead sequentially: (1) sent 3 private security guards to harass Mrs. Smith and her nurse in her husband's ICU room; (2) falsely claimed to Mrs. Smith that it wasn't obligated to obey the court order; (3) removed all items that are needed to administer Ivermectin through a feeding tube into Keith Smith; (4) had its lawyers incessantly call and harass Mrs. Smith; (5) tried to have Mrs. Smith and her nurse removed by West Manchester Township police officers, who left after reading the court order; (6) bombarded Dr. Farrag with legal liability paperwork to try to scare him away; and (7) blocked Mrs. Smith from re-entering the ICU (source).

After being confronted in a conference call by Mrs. Smith's lawyer, Dr. Farrag, and another doctor, UPMC ran out of lies and tricks. But by the time it finally allowed Ivermectin to be administered to Keith Smith, it was too late. Because Ivermectin blocks SARS-CoV-2 virus' replication to reach a high viral load during the first few days of infection, it needs to be taken early. UPMC blocked Keith Smith from receiving Ivermectin for 15 days, during which his liver and kidneys failed, and he died on December 12, 2021. Mrs. Smith's account of her fight to save her husband is here, and the fundraiser for her fight against UPMC is here.

UPMC Hospital

UPMC is led by Board Chair Nicholas Beckwith (left) and CEO Leslie Davis (right), whose annual salary tops $7,838,408. To pay her exorbitant salary alone, they need to deny Ivermectin to, give Remdesivir to, steer onto ventilators, and kill 121 Americans.

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