Use Ivermectin

Use Ivermectin

09/16/21- calls for Ivermectin to be deployed against COVID-19 calls for the FDA, NIH, CDC, and The White House to strongly recommend and widely deploy Ivermectin against COVID-19 for these 7 reasons.

1.  Ivermectin has ended the COVID-19 pandemic in other countries.

UPDATED: See How to End the Pandemic in 2 Months.

2.  Ivermectin has prevented the COVID-19 pandemic in other countries.

Countries where Ivermectin was already in wide use have been largely spared the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers have compared COVID-19 morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death) rates in 31 African countries where Ivermectin was already in wide use vs. 22 African countries where Ivermectin was not already used widely, and reported that the former had 86% lower COVID-19 morbidity and 89% lower COVID-19 mortality rates:

Morbidity Rate
Mortality Rate
Ivermectin not used widely (22 countries) 6,473 per million 122 per million
Ivermectin used widely (31 countries) 926 per million 14 per million
Reduction with Ivermectin usage -86% -89%

Ivermectin Use in Africa

3.  Ivermectin is safe.

In July of 2021, the cumulative administered doses of COVID-19 vaccines and Ivermectin both reached 3,700,000,000. The deaths and adverse effects reported for both, summarized below, indicate that the risk of death from the vaccines is 53325% higher than from Ivermectin, and the risk of adverse effects from the vaccines is 31832% higher than from Ivermectin:


Ivermectin 1992 16 4,669 3.7 billion
COVID-19 Vaccines 2021 8,532 1,490,915 3.7 billion
Difference   +53325% +31832%  

4.  Ivermectin's efficacy  is variant-independent.

Because the COVID-19 vaccines target just the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as new variants arise with mutations in the spike protein, COVID-19 vaccines will continue to lose their specificity and efficacy. In contrast, because Ivermectin neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 virus in many, many different ways (see updated details), its efficacy against COVID-19 is variant-independent.

5.  Ivermectin can be deployed immediately, widely, and cheaply.

Because Ivermectin is a generic drug made by companies across the world, it can be deployed immediately to everyone in the United States and around the world at a very low cost. The World Health Organization (WHO) buys Ivermectin for $0.01 per 3 mg tablet.

6.  Ivermectin is far better than Molnupiravir.

See Ban Molnupiravir.

7.  Ivermectin is far better than Remdesivir.

See Ban Remdesivir and watch this video clip: