Ban Remdesivir

Ban Remdesivir

11/08/21- calls for Remdesivir to be banned calls for Remdesivir to be banned immediately for the following five reasons.

1.  Remdesivir destroys the liver and the kidneys

Remdesivir was originally developed by Gilead Sciences for Ebola and MERS but was never used because it had no efficacy and destroyed the liver and/or the kidneys in 48% of those who received it during the clinical trials: "25% of patients receiving [Remdesivir] have severe side effects, including multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney injury and low blood pressure. Another 23% demonstrated evidence of liver damage on lab tests" (source).
2.  Remdesivir is linked to a mortality rate of over 50%

3.  Hospitals are pushing Remdesivir because they have been bribed

For treating a COVID-19 patient for 5 days with Remdesivir, whose ingredients cost its maker Gilead Sciences less than $10, Medicare pays hospitals $2,300, compared to just $120 for a 5 day course of Ivermectin. And if the hospital uses only Remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients, Medicare pays the hospital a 20% bonus on the patient's entire hospital bill (see 39:40 in the video above and The Real Reason Hospitals Refuse To Use Ivermectin).

4.  World Health Organization warns against using Remdesivir

Remdesivir is so lethal that even the WHO, a friend of Big Pharma that typically does its bidding, warns "against the use of Remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that Remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patient" (source).

5.  Remdesivir's clinical trial results were manipulated for approval

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Anthony Fauci chose Remdesivir and used tens of millions of tax payer dollars to sponsor, fund, and manage a clinical trial for its use against COVID-19. Tax payer dollars should not be used to finance the clinical trial of a drug owned and patented by a corporation that will reap all of the profits from selling it.

When Remdesivir showed no efficacy against COVID-19, Anthony Fauci then manipulated the results until he found something that could be used to claim efficacy: if he redefined the term "recovered" to include people who were hospitalized but no longer hooked up to oxygen, as well as people who were hooked up to oxygen but at home, then while Remdesivir did not improve the rates of mortality, hospitalization or recovery from COVID-19 in the trial, those who recovered after taking Remdesivir could be said to have recovered in 11 days vs. 15 days for those who recovered after taking the placebo. So he switched the trial's "primary outcome measures" - the main metrics by which a drug is judged - from the rates of mortality and various phases of hospitalization to just "Time to recovery," with "recovery" redefined to include "Hospitalized, not requiring supplemental oxygen" and "Not hospitalized, limitation on activities and/or requiring home oxygen" (see under "Outcome Measures" in source).  

Since those who recover recovering a few days earlier is hardly impressive, Anthony Fauci made it seem impressive by announcing it at an impressive setting - the Oval Office of the White House with the President of the United States giving him full attention:

In his announcement, Anthony Fauci lied about what the primary end point "was" (0:58), that "recovery" was the "ability to be discharged" (1:00), that the trial had "no prejudice" (1:11), that "Remdesivir has a clear cut, significant, positive effect" (1:38), "really quite important" (1:47), "highly significant" (1:51), that further data analysis will show Remdesivir to reduce mortality (2:43), and that there is "clear cut evidence that [Remdesivir] works" (2:55). Fauci even declared that Remdesivir was now "the standard of care" (4:19), even though its trial results had not even been published, let alone peer reviewed or submitted to the FDA for approval.

Why would Anthony Fauci engineer the approval of a toxin that kills people?

The only logical explanation is that he wanted more COVID-19 patients to die, perhaps to heighten fears that will drive more people to accept the vaccines (see Arrest Anthony Fauci).