End COVID-19 Vaccinations

End COVID-19 Vaccinations

11/15/21 - GodVoter.org calls for immediate end to COVID-19 vaccinations

For these 12 compelling reasons, the COVID-19 vaccinations must end immediately.

1.  A far better solution is now being adopted

The solution that ends the pandemic has been confirmed and is beginning to be adopted by countries, so vaccines are no longer needed: see End the Pandemic in 2 Months.

2.  Obsolete vaccines are driving re-infections (Updated 06/29/22)

The bodies of people who have been vaccinated and boosted are flooded with trillions of the original SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins. As explained the clip below, when the current variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is different from the original by several dozen mutations, infects, the body's defense doesn't know for which version of the virus to mount its defense, which ends up less effective than if it had been directed at just the current version, hence the rise in symptomatic re-infections.

3.  Virus RNA is being transcribed into DNA in human cells (Updated 02/26/22)

As explained in the video below, the SARS-CoV-2 virus' mRNA is being reverse-transcribed into DNA inside the nucleus of human cells within 6 hours of coming into contact:

4.  Reproductive, birth defect and pediatric risks are being hidden

The FDA offered Pfizer full approval of its COVID-19 vaccine if Pfizer will start gathering data on its pediatric safety, reproductive toxicology, and birth defect safety. Pfizer declined FDA's offer and decided to continue selling its COVID-19 vaccine under the emergency use authorization (EUA). The fact that FDA granted even the EUA, let alone offered to fully approve Pfizer's vaccine without knowing its reproductive, birth defect and pediatric risks indicates the degree to which FDA has been captured by Big Pharma. And Pfizer's rejection of FDA's offer indicates that Pfizer at best does not know its vaccine's reproductive, birth defect and pediatric risks and is concerned that they may prove to be high, which would end the profit bonanza its vaccine is already generating under the EUA. At worst, Pfizer knows those risks to be high, and since vaccine makers cannot be sued, wants them to remain hidden for as long as possible.

5.  COVID-19 vaccines have become obsolete

The COVID-19 vaccines sold by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson all target the spike protein of the original 2019 SARS-CoV-2 virus. The Delta and the Delta Plus variants' spike proteins are different from the original virus' spike protein by 7 and 20 mutations, respectively, while the spike protein of the Omicron variant is different by 43 mutations. Injecting people with these vaccines today is like making 3-year-old children fit into shoes that they wore when they were one-year-old infants.

6.  COVID-19 vaccines are causing far more deaths and injuries than reported

The 17,000 deaths and 26,000 permanent injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccines and reported to date to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) already exceed all deaths and permanent injuries from all other vaccines in our history combined, as well as all US military deaths and permanent injuries from the wars in Afghanistan and Iran combined. But VAERS is extremely difficult to navigate for those who received the vaccines, while the medical professionals who administer the vaccines are loath to spend the 40 minutes it takes to enter each death or permanent injury into VAERS, let alone take the initiative to report that they gave an injection that permanently injured or killed someone. This is Jodi O'Malley, RN of americanfrontlinenurses.com:

Most studies of VAERS have concluded that the actual numbers of vaccine-related deaths and permanent injuries are 20 to 100 times higher than reflected in the VAERS data, which means that the COVID-19 vaccines have already killed between 340,000 and 1,700,000 people and permanently injured between 520,000 and 2,600,000. It should also be noted that 6 months after 22,000 people were injected with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine and 22,000 were given a placebo, 24% more people were dead among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated (source). The risk of death or permanent injury from COVID-19 vaccines is much higher than from catching COVID-19 and being treated early:

7.  Recurrent vaccinations multiply their risks

Each additional injection of the COVID-19 vaccines raises at least linearly and possibly exponentially the already high risk of death or permanent injury from the first injection and also further represses the body's natural immune system. The vaccine makers are claiming it is safe to be injected with their COVID-19 vaccines every few months, not because they have the data to prove their claim, but because having us repress our natural immune system and become addicted to their vaccines generates unprecedented profits.

8.  COVID-19 "vaccines" are not vaccines

Up until 2020, vaccines injected killed or disabled naturally-occurring virus, bacterium, or their parts so that they, without causing harm, can stimulate the body's immune system to prepare its defenses against the live virus or bacterium. Even though they are being called "vaccines," the injections against COVID-19 sold by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson are the genetic codes of an artificially-engineered virus that trick the human body to make trillions of unnatural, synthetic spike proteins which then attach to the surface of human cells and trigger the human body to launch antibody attacks against its own cells. Never before in history has the human body been tricked into making synthetic proteins of any kind, let alone of an artificially-engineered virus, nor been injected with a virus' DNA (Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca) or RNA (Pfizer and Moderna). These are unprecedented genetic experiments with unknown medium and long term auto-immune disease risk, cancer risk, neurological damage risk, infertility risk, birth defect risk, genetic modification risk, and other risks, and they are being carried out on the population of the entire world.

9.  COVID-19 vaccines have failed

We were sequentially told that the vaccines will lead to herd immunity, keep us from being infected, keep us from spreading the virus to other people, and we will be "fully vaccinated" after two doses. We now know that these vaccines neither lead to herd immunity nor keep us from being infected nor keep us from spreading the virus, and "fully vaccinated" means a vaccination every few months. At best, these vaccines marginally increase the already very high survival rates:

End Covid Vaccinations

(The people represented in these rates showed symptoms of COVID-19, did not receive early treatment after the onset of those symptoms, and those who died include everyone who died with COVID-19, not necessarily from COVID-19. If (1) those who died with COVID-19 but not from COVID-19 are added to the numerators; (2) those who were infected but never had symptoms of COVID-19 are added to both the numerators and the denominators; and (3) those who showed symptoms had received early treatment, the infection survival rates above rise even closer to 100%.)

But for over half of those vaccinated, even that incremental increase evaporates within a few months. Since a vaccine must protect at least 50% of those vaccinated for at least one year to be considered "effective," COVID-19 vaccines have failed.

10.  Injecting children with the COVID-19 vaccines is unconscionable

Children who catch COVID-19 have a 0.0001% chance of dying from it, and that is without early treatment. Children injected with a COVID-19 vaccine have at least a six times higher risk (0.0006%) of dying from myocarditis alone. If in the years ahead the COVID-19 vaccines are discovered to have caused mass infertility, birth defects, neurological disorders, auto-immune disorders, etc., what will today's children say to their parents? Here is a warning from the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology:

11.  Mandating the COVID-19 vaccines on our soldiers is illegal

Before deploying to fight in the 1991 Gulf War, 41% of our combat troops were injected with an experimental anthrax vaccine that injured many of them. In response, administering to our soldiers medical products that are not fully approved by the FDA was made illegal. The only COVID-19 vaccine that has received full FDA approval so far is Comirnaty, which is made by Pfizer's European partner BioNTech and is unavailable in USA. Since none of the three vaccines available in USA has received full FDA approval (see #2 above), it is illegal for the U.S. military to administer them to its personnel, let alone mandate its personnel to be injected with them. To get around this legal restriction, the US military has been re-labling Pfizer's vaccine as BioNTech's Comirnaty. Such switching of labels on medical products is a felony.

12.  COVID-19 vaccinations violate The Nuremberg Code

Nurses, doctors, hospital owners, company owners, and our government leaders, including Anthony Fauci and President Joe Biden are committing today what the Nazis committed in the 1940s and for which they were later executed. See Nazi Origin of COVID-19 Vaccination.