Tom Tancredo Press Release

Tom Tancredo Press Release

12/17/07 - Tom Tancredo issues press release about

On December 10, 2007, Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo's campaign issued a press release to "condemn" as "bigoted." The press release quoted the candidate as saying, "I believe it is anything but Christian in its tone and intent and I call on every candidate to repudiate it. God and God alone will judge the hearts of us all."

Congressman Tom Tancredo's press release also stated, "Among the numerous prejudiced responses, refers to 'Mormonism as a Christ-dishonoring cult' while bashing Governor Mitt Romney and calling for him to renounce his religion."

A presidential candidate issuing a press release to defend another would be commendable, albeit peculiar, if it hadn't contained such spurious accusations and displayed such lack of spiritual discernment by a self-declared Christian.

First, stated the truth about Mormonism and have presented evidences of the Mormon blasphemy that Jesus and Satan are brothers (see Mormon cult). We didn't "bash" Mormonism and we certainly didn't bash Mitt Romney. Our rating is on his candidacy for president.

Second, "prejudiced" responses pre-judge. During 2007, sent four rounds of emails to multiple Romney campaign officials requesting them to inform and remind their "Christian" candidate to reply to our questionnaire, which he never did. Instead, he issued a press release announcing a speech about his faith.

In turn, delayed the announcement of the questionnaire results for all candidates and indicated to Mitt Romney the specific element of his beliefs we hoped he would address in his speech. The "F" rating (see Mitt Romney Mormon) on his candidacy was issued only after his speech was analyzed; our rating was based on that analysis, not pre-judgment.

Third, Tom Tancredo should heed his own words, "God and God alone will judge the hearts of us all" and refrain from trying to divine others' "intent".

We already have forgiven Tom Tancredo for attacking a Christian group for telling the truth about a Christ-dishonoring cult. But the right thing for him to do would be to apologize publicly for his public error.

Update: Tom Tancredo has since withdrawn from the race and endorsed Mitt Romney, heightening questions about his judgment and Christian discernment. His rating has been adjusted accordingly.