Is Homosexuality Genetic Or Environmental?

Is Homosexuality Genetic Or Environmental?

"Is Homosexuality Genetic Or Environmental?"

Is Homosexuality Genetic Or Environmental?The debate over whether homosexuality is genetic or environmental is becoming obsolete. Here are five evidences that prove homosexuality is caused by environmental - not genetic - factors.

1.  Human Genome

For homosexuality to be genetic, there must be a gene that codes for homosexuality. Geneticists have scoured the human genome for such a gene but have come up empty, not for lack of effort but because no such gene exists.

2.  Lack of Memory

Homosexuals often claim that their sexual orientation must be genetic since they have no memory of anything environmental happening to them that could have led to their homosexuality. While their lack of recollection may be true, since memory that can be retrieved in adulthood only starts at about 3 years of age, it does not preclude environmental influences during their first two years of life that could have oriented them toward homosexuality.

It should be noted that the human brain is not structurally complete at birth. The brain's myelination, proliferation of synaptic connections, and development of glial and circulatory support systems continue long after a baby is born (see 56:26 of source). The lack of a primary caregiver to whom to bond in early infancy, early childhood abuse, let alone early childhood sexual abuse, can affect the brain's development and cause psychological shocks that lead to sexual disorientation.

3.  Identical Twins

Since identical twins are genetically identical, if homosexuality were genetic, each pair of identical twins would be either homosexual or heterosexual, not one of each; yet identical twins abound among whom only one self-identify as homosexual. This is especially the case among identical twins who were separated at birth and adopted, one by a normal couple and remains heterosexual, and the other by homosexuals and end up homosexual.

4.  Sexual Abuse

A significant majority of homosexuals have suffered sexual abuse, including as adolescents, and remember it. The shock of sexual abuse is so painful and profound that even many heterosexual women turn to homosexuality after suffering rape. They should be offered medical, psychological and spiritual help without condoning homosexuality.

5.  Statistical Upsurge

If homosexuality were genetic, the percentage of homosexuals in the general population would decline since homosexuality cannot pass on the homosexual gene to the next generation, while artificial insemination and surrogate mothers are expensive. The percentage of people who reach adulthood and identify themselves as LGBT nearly tripling in just 4 years (see Is America becoming Sodom and Gomorrah?) also indicates that homosexuality is environmental, not genetic.