Bear False Witness

Bear False Witness

I believe Christ is my savior, and I try to follow Him, but I also know that His followers do not bear false witness against their brothers, which is one of the things you folks are doing. You probably mean well and are trying to what you feel is the right thing, but are misguided and you have made the mistake of blindly following what your preachers or other mentors have told you regarding the beliefs of other faiths.

Fortunately, the country is now becoming more aware of this mistake and hopefully you will find that you indeed bear false witness against your brothers, both by bearing false accusations, particularly against Mormons, and by accusing them of evil falsely.

In other ways I would agree with you: the permissiveness of our society has gotten out of hand and needs to be curbed. But you fail to realize that us conservatives need to stick together to combat the modern twin evils of militant Jihad and militant atheism. Otherwise we will fail, as the infighting amongst ourselves will negatively impact our credibility, impede our progress, and divert our attention from the much more important issues at hand. Romney illustrated this very well in his speech last week.

If you disagree with a religion's doctrines, rather than making false and illogical accusations, rather try to debate in an intelligent manner over the doctrinal issues, using gentle persuasion and kindness rather than vindictiveness and an overall mean spirit.

The same is true for trying to win over anyone to your beliefs, no matter what their belief system is. God is merciful, and he will not condemn anyone "for a word" but looks at our whole hearts, our truest desires, and how we choose based on the right reasons. I don't think anyone is "going to hell" unless they choose it by willfully rebelling against what they know to be true. I believe this of any religion. If someone of your faith or any other faith, does their most to seek out what they sincerely know & believe is the most true path, and stay true to that path, they will not be condemned, but rewarded in the afterlife. God would not condemn someone for doing their best.

P. Andrews
Olympia, Washington response:

Thank you for your email. These evidences about the Mormon cult will help you to better understand it. Christian brotherhood is among Christians, not Conservatives, and Jesus told us in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (If sincere faith in any religion were good enough, Jihadist suicide bombers would go to heaven.) Since biblical truth should be read instead of aspired, we would like to recommend a good online Bible study and Biblical sermons. God bless you.