Is Barack Hussein Obama Muslim?

Barack Hussein Obama Muslim?

"By writing, 'Barack Hussein Obama,' are you calling Barack Obama a Muslim?"

Barack Hussein Obama MuslimThere is nothing wrong with calling Barack Obama by his full name - "Barack Hussein Obama" - including his Muslim middle name, "Hussein," that he retained by choice and that reflects Barack Hussein Obama's past and present Muslim influences.

Some people are given names they dislike, but the vast majority of those people retain them while a small minority alter them.

Barack Obama is in that small minority. During his childhood and teenage years, Barack Hussein Obama called himself, "Barry Hussein Obama," which he changed to "Barack Hussein Obama" in adulthood. That he changed "Barry" to "Barack" but retained "Hussein" as his middle name indicates that he was pleased with the name of Mohammed's grandson whom Shia Muslims revere today (see Christian God vs. Allah).

Why did Barack Obama retain "Hussein" as his middle name?

Barack Obama's father and stepfather were Muslims and his mother is someone who twice chose to marry Muslim men. Barack Hussein Obama spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation, and even attended an Islamic school.

Until 2008, Barack Obama was a member of a congregation led by Jeremiah Wright Jr., a 'christian' pastor who holds Louis Farrakhan, the radical Muslim, in high esteem. In 1984, Wright accompanied Farrakhan to visit Libya's Muammar Quadaffi, and in 2007, Wright honored Farrakhan with a gala event at his church, conferring upon him the modestly named, "Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer" award.

How close are Barack Hussein Obama's values to those of his mother, who chose Muslim husbands and to those of Wright, who honored a radical Muslim who denies Jesus' deity and resurrection (see Proof of Jesus' Resurrection)?

In 2006, Barack Obama told Oprah Winfrey, "When I think about the values I hold most dear, they came from my mother." As for Jeremiah Wright, he married Barack and Michelle Obama and baptized their children. Until Wright became a political liability to his presidential ambitions in 2008, Barack Obama called him his spiritual mentor.

To Barack Obama, Islam is neither a dangerous nor a distant religion. It is the religion of his father and stepfather, the religion his mother preferred, the religion into which he was born, and the religion in which he spent some of his childhood's formative years.

As such, Barack Obama is likely to under-appreciate the threat from Islam (see Islam: What the World Needs to Know) and over-appreciate its insincere overtures (see Christian God vs. Allah), including from Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iran.

Even if Barack Obama never publicly identifies himself with Islam, the image of Islam, thus far linked to terrorism, will benefit from the ascendancy to the White House of a man whose fathers were Muslims and who bears a Muslim name. "Hussein" no longer will be remembered as the surname of an Iraqi dictator but the name of a U.S. president.

2016 Update: Barack Hussein Obama has exceeded our worst expectations from six years ago. His pro-Muslim decisions, actions and fruit indicate him to be at least a sympathizer of Islam and most certainly not a Christian.