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Marco Rubio Ratings(continued from Marco Rubio Platform)

Marco Rubio is a career politician who, after graduating from law school in 1996, has spent his entire adult life in politics, first as a city commissioner, then as a United States Representative, and then a United States Senator (see Marco Rubio Background).

Marco Rubio is a Roman Catholic who has dabbled in the Mormon cult, which he still holds in high regard, as well as Protestantism, which he has publicly disavowed in favor of Roman Catholicism. He remains unsure of his conversion (see Marco Rubio Religion) and has yet to accept our invitation to share his testimony as a Christian (see Questions for Presidential Candidates).

Marco Rubio opposes abortion (see Abortion is Murder and Bible verses about Abortion) and recognizes the Islamic threat, including from ISIS and Iran (see Islam: What the West needs to know).

But he is weak on homosexuality (see Bible verses about Homosexuality) and immigration (see Marco Rubio Platform). He also lacks gravitas, as well as foreign policy, economic and executive experiences.

Pending Marco Rubio's responses to our questions, the current rating of his presidential candidacy is C.