Transubstantiation Cannibalism?

Transubstantiation Cannibalism?


As a Christian voter I was deeply disturbed by the blatant anti-Catholic tendencies your survey had. Asking a candidate about transubstantiation (which is 100% Biblical and not cannibalism contrary to your website) is a clear shot at the Catholic Church. How does their belief in the Real Presence effect their governing abilities? The fact that you would rate a candidate lower based on their Catholicism is bias which sounds as if it came from the NoNothing party. If a Catholic group did this to a nondenom candidate your group would throw a fit. Please refrain from Catholic bashing, you clearly do not have an understanding of it.


Daniel J.A. Bower
Virginia response:

Thank you for your email. You appear to be referring to the discussion on Jesus' bread and wine.

Transubstantiation - the notion that priests can turn bread into Jesus' human flesh to be eaten, and wine into Jesus' human blood to be drunk, amounts to unsavory cannibalism and heresy, and a heretical relationship with God makes a candidate less likely to be used than a truly Christian president by God.

But Catholic or other groups are welcome to help us address the unbiblical beliefs or positions of the Protestant candidates, most of whose candidacies do not rate highly. You may also be interested in our other responses regarding Roman Catholicism and Jesus Flesh.