Partial Birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion"Didn't [Barack] Obama even support partial birth abortion?"

President Barack Obama did support partial birth abortion. President Obama attributed his opposition to banning partial birth abortion to the lack of exception for protecting the health of the mothers in the legislation that would have banned the partial birth abortion.

While President Obama's desire to protect the health of the mother may appear logical and noble on the surface, it suffers in reality from two flaws.

Firstly, partial birth abortions are particularly gruesome procedures (see Abortion Is Murder)* that are neither needed nor aimed at protecting the health of the mother.

Secondly, "health" is a relatively general term that includes the patient's mental health, as well as emotional health. Therefore, such an exception would have allowed mothers and abortionists to circumvent the law by claiming that the mothers had even mild cases of depression.

Barack Obama is not stupid and knew perfectly well that such an exception would have de-clawed the law and allowed partial birth abortions to continue, which is what he wanted. After all, he is even pro-Born Alive Abortions and compared babies to sexually transmitted disease.

* The abortionist pulls the baby into breach position (feet first) and sequentially pulls out the baby's legs and arms, leaving only the head inside the mother while the rest of the baby's body is outside of the mother and even moving around. The abortionist then reaches in with a pair of scissors and cuts a hole in the back of the baby's neck, and then sticks a suction tube into the hole. When the suction machine is turned on, the baby's brain is sucked out, crushing the skull, at which point the now dead baby can be removed with ease. "Partial birth abortion" is a fancy name for heinous Baby Murder.