Early Abortion Pill

Early Abortion Pill

Early Abortion Pill"What about taking the early abortion pill?"

Below is an email from a young lady who answered this question:

"To whom it may concern,

I would just like to say thank you so much for pointing out the facts about abortion. I am ashamed to admit that since I realised my period was late, I was reading up on 'early abortions'. Aborting before 6 weeks is considered by medical profession to be something that just brings on a period and I was reading about the feotus at week 4 and it showed on various websites that there is no feotus at that stage and no heartbeat. I figure I am about 3 weeks max. pregnant so I thought that since there is no 'life' there as yet I wouldn't be committing murder and I thought that God doesn't breath life into the feotus until over 100 days old. Plus if there is no heart beat and no brain or nerves it's not like a living creature but just an embryo. I was seriously going to book an appointment with the doc to have a tablet to take.

But, now having seen your website [Is Abortion Murder? and Early Abortion], there's no way I can do it. It's just not worth the risk that I would be committing murder and murder of an innocent baby is the worst murder. This baby wasn't planned and it's not the best time for me and I have loads of excuses but nothing gives me the excuse to take a life. Only God can do that.

I am not Christian actually. I am Muslim but in Islamic belief we still consider the authentic bible that hasn't been changed to be the work of God and we consider Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them) to be prophets. I didn't know this about the feotus and now I am so glad I do. There are so many girls I know (Christian, Muslim, Jewish) who have already had abortions and who do just consider it to be like cells in their body. Of course I will never judge them because for a short time I even contemplated taking a tablet to induce a miscarriage, but that was before I typed in "is abortion murder" in Google and I believe God gave me the answer through your website.

I would like to support your organisation and I would like to spread the truth about abortion. I don't blame the girls. I blame the medical profession. They make it so accessible that it's nothing and the government supports it every inch of the way.

If you send me a flyer or information I can forward it onto all of my friends and then they can forward onto their friends.

Thank you,
from [Name Withheld]"

GodVoter.org response:

Thank you very much for your email, read with much relief by all. Please direct all credit, gratitude and praise to Jesus, who protected you and your baby. May He continue to protect and bless both of you and help you raise your baby into a mighty man or woman of the one true God.

You also wrote that you consider Jesus to be a prophet. Here is a question that may interest you: can a prophet claim to be God? Please see Lord, Liar or Lunatic, the Justice of God, and Proof of Jesus' Resurrection.

Also expressed was a doubt about the authenticity of the Bible, which Muslim imams claim has been changed without providing evidence of when and how such changes supposedly were made. Here is a short discussion on the authenticity of the New Testament manuscripts and one on the difference between Allah and the Christian God.