Overwhelming Choice

Overwhelming Choice

A recent poll this week shows an overwhelming number of Republican voters, even those who've already made a decision on the candidate they prefer, are dissatisfied with the choices they've been given so far.

Four issues are the most important to me:

1) Border Security - It's my opinion that our borders must be secure first, before any other issue can be addressed. Only two candidates qualify to lead this country on this issue. Those candidates are Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter.

2) The Sanctity of Life - I believe many of the problems we face as a nation are due to the fact that life in every one of its stages has been devalued. Only two candidates have been consistently pro-life throughout their lives. Those candidates are Mike Huckabee and Duncan Hunter.

3) Military Experience - The next commander-in-chief will need to know how to use America's vast military power correctly. Only two candidates have combat experience, as well as experience dealing with defense issues through their careers. Those candidates are John McCain and Duncan Hunter.

4) The US Economy - Our dollar's being devalued, manufacturing jobs are disappearing, and we're allowing China to cheat on trade. Only one candidate has pledged a policy of "mirror trade"; that is, treating our trading partners exactly as they treat us. That candidate is Duncan Hunter.

It's not even close. Duncan Hunter is my overwhelming choice for President in 2008.

Dennis McCarthy
Apopka, Florida